We put the “process” in process automation engineering.


Castle Hill Technologies is a comprehensive project engineering company committed to the values of hard work, transparency, and integrity. That’s why our clients trust us from start to finish with design, planning, construction, commissioning and qualification of the process automation systems at their facilities. Our primary focus is the process engineering and automation engineering challenges that are present in the regulated environment. Our team brings together fundamentals, experience and innovative technology expertise to support our clients from project planning through commissioning, validation and release to manufacturing.


“Our Corporate mission is to deliver plants that work the first time
—every time.”



start to finish: on time and on budget

We’ve proven our abilities by successfully managing more than 600 projects from planning to sustained manufacturing operations in highly regulated, quality-critical life science industries, such as biopharma, vaccine, fine chemical, and API, at facilities around the world. Our resources work to understand both the business and the technical concerns of projects and keep these concerns in front of our stakeholders.

Organizationally, we put metrics in place that allow us to assess project health periodically. These metrics look at budget, schedule, resources and quality to determine if a course correction is needed. Additionally, we provide our clients with periodic status reporting scaled proportionally to the size of the specific project.


Years in business, decades of process automation design and implementation experience.


Manufacturing & development operations projects completed around the world.


Operational readiness & customer satisfaction is our measure of success.

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We value the details—and the big picturE

The Castle Hill Technologies team brings deep knowledge in multiple disciplines, such as process automation & controls, process engineering & equipment, engineering project management, and commissioning & validation, including computer system validation, as well as budget, documentation, and vendor management. This means you’ll work with skilled engineers and managers who understand how the details of software integration affect big picture items such as first round qualifications, how the right SIP equipment reduces operating costs, or how  specific control systems can impact future productivity. 


The best solution is the one that works best for you

We bring a trusted network of partners and equipment suppliers, as well as a platform agnostic approach to every project, so you’ll get a cost effective solution for your project and your team, and avoid force-fit technology or costly retraining. We’re big enough to work with Fortune 500 companies, but not so big that we forget the values that got us here.


owner rep services to project consultation

Whether we work for you as an owner representative for a site-wide install or we provide consultant services for a project segment, you have access to the same team of skilled people—.” We bring the same level of dedication and success and the same values to every project. We understand that if you succeed, we succeed.

The Castle Hill Technologies team is committed to your success. We typically embed in your facility until you are operational—and remain to get your team trained to execute protocols, perform maintenance and support on-going qualifications. By doing this, we can identify problems and develop solutions before the problems become challenges ingrained in the process.

Or just to learn more about what we can do for you. We are always looking for new relationships and new challenges. }