Since 2000, Castle Hill Technologies has provided a comprehensive range of process engineering services for more than 600 manufacturing and development operations in the United States, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Ireland including:

  • Biologics Upstream & Downstream Operations
  • Cell Culture Vaccine Upstream & Downstream Operations
  • Aseptic Barrier Isolated Fill Finish Operations
  • Clean Utilities Generation & Distribution
  • Clean-in-Place & Steam-in-Place Operations
  • Modular Processing Units
  • Component Washing & Sterilizing Operations
  • Nutritional Operations
  • Parenteral/Solid Dosage Operations
  • Fine Chemical & API Operations


Case Studies

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Parenteral Facility Expansion for an International Pharmaceutical Company

Vaccine Development & Manufacturing Facility for a Global Vaccine Manufacturer

International Biopharmaceutical Company Fast Track Plant Expansion & Renovation

Capital Project Automation & Process Engineering Support for a Large Solid Dosage Facility

With 600+ projects successfully completely, our experience and your project probably have a lot in common.